Moonstone Duet

Moonstone, India

Their star sprinkled survace is due to feldspar that scatters the incoming light. This adularescence is the more remarcable when considereing that the reflecting layers of feldspar are only half the size to a wavelength of light. “According to Hindu mythology, moonstone is made of solidified moonbeams … and it’s easy to see why” – GIA

Price: Sold.

Moonstone Necklace

Moonstone, Black Tahiti Pearls, Gold, Diamonds
25.37 cts.
Price: €14,900

Moonstone was a central gem of the Art Nouveau era. When light is shining on its surface, this piece becomes an iconic piece of elegance. “The visual effect [of Moonstone] is reminiscent of the full moon shining through a veil of thin, high clouds.” – GIA

Moonstone Ring

Moonstone, Gold
Moonstone - 16.66ct; 46 Diamonds - 0.415ct
Price: €7,750

Once called “adularia”, moonsteones were named after a small city in Switzerland. Today, this city, Mt. Adular, is called St. Gotthard. It was one of the first centers in the world to be known for its fine selection of adularescent moonstone.