Santa Maria Ensemble


From the infamous region of Minas Gerais in the east of Brazil. This aquamarine set showcases a deep saturation of the color blue.
A color so deep and so rich, that one might say it even exceeds the color known as Santa Maria.


Price: €96,250

Santa Maria Pendant

Price: €29,370

Aquamarine can be found in many places across the globe. From Nigeria to Namibia, to Myanmar or Vietnam.
Yet, it is the color associated with the region of Itabira in Minas Gerais, also known as Santa Maria, that is renowned for its unique properties across the world.

Santa Maria Earrings

Price: €66,880

The color Santa Maria is named after its origin in the mine of Santa Maria de Itabira in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.
Their deep, steely blue hues made these gems so mesmerizing to the onlooker that this color composition became a quality standard of its own around the world.