Tanzania Ensemble

Found at the steps to the Kilimanjaro, in the area of Merelani, this blue stone, with a hint of violet was discovered in 1967. It is a treasure that is only home to Africa’s eastern coast and is mined in a depth of up to ~3,900 ft. (1,200m). Finding high quality material has become a rare occurance, despite these tremendous efforts.

Price: €51,080

Tanzania Pendant

Price: €26,930

Tanzanite was discovered by a Masai tribesman named Ali Juuyawutu, in 1967. It can only be found in an area that is ~2.5 miles wide and ~1.2 miles long (4km x 2km) on the entire planet. This place is in the east African country of Tanzania.

Tanzania Earrings

Price: €24,150

Located between Kenya and Mozambique, Tanzania borders on the Indian Ocean right in front of the Seychelles.