“Brazilian Emerald” Trilogy

Tourmaline, Democratic Republic of Congo

When Francisco Spinoza first discovered tourmalines in 1554, he thought he had found emerald. It was the intensity of the green color that urged him to name it “Brazilian Emerald”. Found in the mountainous regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are only a few pockets on earth that exhibit such a lush green as do the stones in this trilogy. It is a testimony on how a stone mirrors its surroundings.

Price: €53,450

Brazilian Emerald Pendant

Tourmaline, Diamonds, Gold
29.44 cts.
Price: €29,980

Finding a stone with the intense green and clarity, used for this pendant, was a long and arduous journey. It took several years to complete this trilogy and is a constant reminder of the beauty of the Rwenzori Mountains in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Brazilian Emerald Earrings

Tourmaline, Gold, Diamonds
22.14 cts.
Price: €23,470

Tourmaline comes in many different colors. This is due to its high sensitivity to minerals surrounding it. Even the slightest variations and duration of exposure can shape a tourmaline’s appearance. It is this sensitivity that causes stones with a lush color and clarity to be of extraordinary rarity.

Brazilian Emerald Ring

Tourmaline, Gold, Diamonds
5.90 cts.
Price: Sold.

Whilst cutting the tourmalines, Alexander Kreis stayed close to its origin. “Cutting the Congo Trilogy was all about catching the inherent beauty of the free nature, where the intense variety of the vegetation is undisturbed.” It is in these mountain ranges, off the beaten path, where we find these treasures.