A Visit from Beijing, China – Part 1

The NGTC from beijing visit

Last week, we were honored to welcome a delegation of the NGTC, China’s “National Gems & Jewelry Technology Administrative Center / National Gemstone Testing Center” from Beijing. It was a great opportunity to welcome new and old friends at our Atelier and at the German Gemmological Association (DGemG)

A special thank you to Mrs. Han for not just organizing the tour, but bringing together such an enthusiastic, and high-spirited group of people. It truely was a pleassure to meet everybody and we welcome everybody back.

It is at this point, we would also like to thank everybody at the German Gemmological Association for their time, Mr. Tom Stephan for sharing his knowledge and to Ms. Qi Wang for opening her classroom to us.
Especially given that the DGemG is hosting the “EUROPEAN GEMOLOGICAL SYMPOSIUM” this May, and time is a scarce resource.

At the DGemG

The second picture shows the set-up for analyzing a gemstone for clarity. For this, next to a special microscope, a fluid to reduce the fracturing of light will be used in combination with a highly directional light source.

In the third picture, Mr. Stephan explains the set-up to teach students how different shapes of a gemstone influence the direction the incoming light takes. The Association uses lasers to visualy emphasize this point.

These practical, hands-on teaching methods are a hallmark of the DGemG courses.


In the second part of this post, we welcomed the NGTC delegation at our Atelier.


[Group foto at the entrance of the German Gemmological Association – Picture by KREIS]

[Possible set-up of studying a gemstone – Picture by KREIS]

[Explaining the connection between a gemstone’s cut and light by using lasers – Picture by KREIS]