Exceptional Gem Artistry – GIA

At the GJX show, Sonja Kreis (Unique Jewelry, Niederworresbach, Germany) displayed exceptional examples of the jeweler’s and gem carver’s art. Kreis designs the jewelry, and her son Alexander cuts the gems.

Alexander Kreis explained that their family has a tradition of over 500 years of gemstone cutting and jewelry manufacture. He apprenticed as a traditional gem cutter, but elected to find his own path to unlock the beauty of fine gem crystals. His cutting is a spectacular blend of freeform curves and dramatic geometrical cuts. Alexander works with many materials, including tourmalines and beryls, but Oregon sunstones and rutilated quartz are among his favorites. The fine Oregon sunstone was on display at their booth.

Alexander’s father, Stefan Kreis, described their very strict criteria for selecting rough. On a visit to a set of mines in Oregon’s Rabbit Basin, they selected only 395 grams of rough out of the 50 kg they were shown.

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