‘Flames of opal essence’ – KREIS Jewellery

KREIS Jewellery at Gem Geneve – ‘Flames of Opal Essence’. A once in a lifetime opportunity to discover some of the most astonishing pieces of opals in the world. All made possible by the GemGeneve exhibition team, private collectors, the Geneva Museum of Art and History, Piaget, and many more who opened up their vaults to share their passion with the world in Geneva, Switzerland for a short period of time.

A special thank you has to go to the GemGeneve exhibition team – Without their tremendous efforts, this exhibition would not have been possible!

The exhibition is open to the public – 9 to 12 May 2024. More about ‘Flames of Opal Essence’ can be found here.

KREIS Jewellery has a long tradition and passion for this unique gemstone. In the following articles we share some of our travels and first hand experiences:

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Opal, the colorful and ever-changing gem has been fascinating the world we live in for centuries. Beholden by emperors and caesars, it found its way into the mythology of human history:

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[Picture – Excerpt from the GemGenve article for ‘Flames of Opal Essence’]