Gem-A Interview

We know it has been a little since our latest post. It was a busy two months in 2020 and next week we will be headed to the Southeast Asia region for a new adventure.
No matter how short on time we might be as of recently, we still want to take a brief moment and share something special with you.
Kreis Jewellery will be featured in the spring 2020 edition of the renowned Gems & Jewellery magazine of the Gem-A institution. Alexander Kreis will be talking about Oregon Sunstone, his artistic approach, and his history.

Founded in 1908, the focus of Gem-A is the advancement of education in the field of gems, jewelry, and gemology and sharing knowledge worldwide.
A passion and cause we are more than happy to be a part of and want to thank Gem-A for including us in their journey.

To learn more about Gem-A, we would like to encourage anybody with a curiosity for exceptional gemstones and gemology to visit their website at

To the right, you can see the cover of the Gems & Jewellery edition and the article featuring Alexander.

We hope you had a good start in 2020, and hope to see you soon.