On the raod again – SAPPHIRE IN SRI LANKA

With vaccines rolling out globally, countries co-ordinating international travel, and the hospitality sector implementing safety meassures – international travel started to open up again.
And with that, Alexander and Stefan Kreis embarked on their first international flight last month. In fact, it is their first flight since March 2020.
“It is a great feeling to finally be able to travel again. Since this pandemic started, we have been in continuoues dialogue with all relevant parties as to when and how travel will resume”, says Alexander Kreis.
“Travelling is at the heart of our business and life. I can’t remember the last time we stayed at home this long” Stefan Kreis adds with a chuckle.

With Covid-19, travel preparations have changed. They added a new layer of protective meassures when traversing among countries. Each country has enacted its own set of rules adabted to their particular situation.
Therefore it might take some time and extra research to familiarize oneself with the new protocols in place, but nothing extraordinary. “The new regulations are being communicated very well. We know each requirement every step of the way and feel very safe”, Stefan Kreis says.

About the trip

This is their first trip in 12 months and it leads them to the small island of Sri Lanka. “Well, we are here in search of yellow Sapphires. The gems are for a wonderful project with one of our clients that started about 2 years ago. It will be a truely extraordinary piece of jewelry. And we hope to be able to share more about this particular project throughout the year. But we have to be careful. This piece will be a gift to his wife and we don’t want to give the surprise  away”, says Alexander Kreis.

For today, a couple pictures of the hotel will have to do.


[Alexander Kreis sitting on the porch – Picture by KREIS]

[Hotel Hallway – Picture by KREIS]

[Sunset from the Hotel’s Balcony – Picture by KREIS]