Presentation at the GIA

During May of this year, Alexander and Sonja Kreis had the special honor to be a guest lecturer at the renowned Carlsbad campus of the American Gemological Association (GIA).

Situated halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego in sunny California, the campus is located close to the beach. The complex hosts’ several structures intended for teaching, a museum and its famous research facility.

The presentation given by Alexander and Sonja encompassed, amongst other things: the history of cutting, the history of the Kreis family, adventurous travels to distant places, extraordinary gems such as the “Imperial Flame”, and one of our latest creations, the “Symphony”. The talk highlighted how the family led business has evolved over the last couple of centuries, and where we go from here.
In a final Q&A, the students took the chance to ask individual questions, which highlighted their curiosity and enthusiasm for the world of gemstones.

It was a fascinating opportunity and we would like to express our gratitude towards the entire GIA staff who welcomed us so warmly and wholeheartedly.


[Sonja, Stefan, and Alexander Kreis – Picture by KREIS]

[Alexander and Sonja Kreis with “The Symphony” – Picture by KREIS]

[Alexander and Sonja Kreis with “The Imperial Flame” – Picture by KREIS]