“Stunning Gems and Jewellery” – JNA Magazine Hong Kong

Recently, KREIS  (formerly known as: Sonja Kreis Unique Gems & Jewellery) went to Hong Kong to visit clients, some of whom have become dear and trusted friends over time.

“Visiting clients in person is pivotal. We like to know the client very well in order to deliver the best Service possible.”

Vanessa Kreis

Many customers of KREIS are spread across the entire globe. In addition clients have become more knowledgeable about gemstones so the high-end collector and connoiseur is expecting more than just a name. “Visiting clients in person is pivotal. We like to know the client very well in order to deliver the best service possible.” as Vanessa Kreis, the designer, points out, “Custom made jewellery can be an intimate process, by which parts of a client’s conscience take part in shaping the finished piece, making it a truly unique and special gift.”

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