Ring “Under Pressure”

A rare treasure from the USA

The 28.03-carat Oregon Sunstone used here comes from a mine in an extinct volcano which, unlike in the case of other Oregon Sunstone deposits, did not erupt. This gemstone was therefore exposed to other pressures and temperatures in the course of its formation, which in turn have made it purer and given it a more intense colour.

This is particularly interesting on account that pleochroism (the appearance of multiple colours depending on the angle of view) is inherent to the Oregon Sunstone. The cut was specially created for this particular stone by Alexander Kreis and highlights and intensifies the glorious play of colours from green to turquoise to a copper orange.

Pressure WAves

In the knowledge of this Oregon Sunstone’s special history and resulting appearance, Sonja Kreis was moved to give this precious stone some optical “pressure waves” as well. Shaped into two differently sized rings that trace the stone’s external shape at a short physical distance, these pressure waves are arranged three-dimensionally with a vertical offset. The outer ring is positioned lower than the inner ring, while the rings curve up and down within themselves, just as if the magma inside the volcano were still molten and the gemstone’s pressure and growth ratios still fluctuated intensively.

Small, flawless, brilliant cut diamonds underscore the intense perception of the powerful pressure waves.

The warm, reddish-yellow colour of the gold reflects the colour of the still molten magma, harmonising with the beautiful nuances of the Oregon sunstone. The sunstone itself is set in subtle white gold, allowing the magnificent colours of this extraordinary jewel to come to the fore.


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