In the past couple of months, KREIS had been traveling extensively to mines in Asia to find exceptional gemstones. And we found special pieces in Sapphire, Ruby, and Spinel, which can be seen in our showroom in Düsseldorf, shortly.
Because travels, such as these need careful planning and are time-consuming, this month’s article will only be an update.

However, over the course of the coming months, we will feature several articles about Asia’s gemstone fields. In those, we will share the adventure of discovering different customs, getting to know new people and the search for rare gemstones.

For now, we will leave you with a sneak peek of pictures:

The first pictures show’s a valley in which a mining field for Sapphire was to be expected. To reach the field we had to hike for a while.

The second picture highlights a drive through Sri Lanka’s countryside. It is always good to have friends who can help navigate through the countryside and help translate into the English language.


[Going to a Valley where miners are supposed to be – Picture by KREIS]

[On our way to a mining field in Sri Lanka – Picture by KREIS]