Update: KREIS on Instagram

Kreis is now on Instagram

Recently, KREIS opened an account on Instagram. “We wanted to provide our clients with a more up-to-date news outlet”, explains Stefan Kreis. The Instagram account will provide timely news features and allows KREIS to be more interactive. Pictures from recent travels will play a major role as well as behind the scenes pictures. “We will use the account to share some of our ideas and impressions. These can include pictures from sketches we are thinking about or ideas that have culminated in a finished piece of jewelry. We are providing a look into our creative workings”, Vanessa Kreis further explains, “It is the effort of being closer to existing clients, but also to give interested people a better understanding of what we do.”

The account can be seen under the hashtag #kreisjewellery or simply by following the link:

Visit KREIS on Instagram.