Imperial Topaz

The Imperial Flame Topaz is the biggest natural imperial topaz of this quality in the world.

Imperial Topaz

Certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as exceptionally rare, it issued a Letter of Distinction.

This sculpture was made out of a 615ct. rough crystal, as the GIA notes: “only one to two percent of all the material recovered … is of faceting quality, which makes the caliber of this crystal all the more remarkable.”

As Alexander Kreis, the cutter of KREIS, further explains, “finding imperial topaz of good quality is fairly rare in and of itself, except for a yellow imperial topaz between 2ct. and 8ct. in relative terms.” Discovered in the mountains of Ouro Preto (Brazil), the rough crystal not just constitutes old production, but is also natural as the color ranges indicate. “Stones that are predominantly red are most unusual. This stone is also very large and clean … [and the color variation] of this stone supports the opinion that the stone has not been heat treated. … stones of this predominantly red color are almost exclusively found near the town of Ouro Preto …, Brazil. The mines at Ouro Preto are no longer producing at this time and whether or not they ever will again is uncertain. This could make the topaz of this color scarcer than it already is” – GIA quote of the Letter of Distinction.

German Gemstone Museum showcase

The sculpture will be exhibited at the German Gemstone Museum from 1st August to 1st September.

It is a rare chance to discover the piece before it will be hidden away, again.

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