Custom Made Jewelry by KREIS

The Process of custom made jewelry

“a sign of appreciation, a sense of beauty and a taste of individualism”

Jewelry can have different purposes. It can be a sign for a vow, a sign of beauty. It can be for a special occasion such as a cocktail party, the opera or daily business. They require a different approach because circumstances of each person are unique. What they all have in common, though, is a sign of appreciation, a sense of beauty and a taste of individualism. This is why at the heart of all the dealings of KREIS is the customer.  And it all starts with a face to face consultation. The designers, Sonja and Vanessa are “exploring the thoughts and visions by creating a dialog. We like to conduct our collaborations in a private and comfortable setting. For this, it is not uncommon to meet-up at home. Or, if the jewelry is supposed to be a surprise, visiting the customers’ workplace would not have been the first time.”


The Dialog

As Vanessa Kreis points out, “custom made jewelry can be an intimate process, by which parts of a client’s conscience take part in shaping the finished piece, making it a truly unique and special gift.” Sonja adds, “we might talk a wide range of topics. It can be about the upcoming vacation, expecting the first child or talking about beliefs which are held deeply.” The amount of time and care that is used is of tremendous help in crafting the designs. It does not just provide reference points but helps to establish an emotional connection from which the designer can draw from. It is this dialog that constitutes the foundation of the artistic sketches, made by hand.  “We use the word “dialog” consciously. It is a constant exchange of ideas and visions between the customer and the designer”, Vanessa explains.


The work of master craftsman

“judged by experienced master craftsman”


Once the final sketch has been decided upon, it will then go to the Atelier. Located in western Germany, the custom made jewelry will be crafted by hand. “We focus on hand-made because it makes the material less vulnerable and the jewelry more durable. To cast metal by using 3D or traditional approaches can cause bubbles in the metal. Thus causing some weak spots. We try to avoid this method whenever we can”, says Stefan Kreis. Quality is of utmost importance. In the Atelier, the custom made jewelry will be in the hands of an experienced master goldsmith and master gemstone-setter.

“The master degree in Germany follows a process in which a pupil will be judged by experienced master craftsman of his trade. They will evaluate if his work is up to the highest standards of his trade. Only then his work is deemed worthy, the title “Meister” will be bestowed upon him” explains Alexander Kreis, a Master Cutter and Carver himself. It is a process that takes many years and a high commitment to the craft.

“It goes without saying that the piece of jewelry will leave the Atelier and go to the client then we deem it to be perfect and the customer will be happy. Nothing less”, Alexander Kreis adds.


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