The Jewel Within

A master gem-cutter has only one chance to get the cutting right. There’s an innate natural beauty to every stone that only the most highly trained and intuitive eye can see. Alexander spends months analysing and studying a stone to make sure that it will sustain the rigours of our approach before he even begins his task of transforming it into a thing of beauty. Alexander has the knowledge passed down from generation to generation; you could say that gem-cutting is in his DNA. But that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t learned his own techniques, or forged his own path because he has.

As the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) states: “His cutting is a spectacular blend of free-form curves and dramatic geometrical cuts.” A true love and passion for working with rough stones led him to invent his own techniques and to invent his own tools in order to create his final masterpieces. Every stone has a character, every stone has an attitude, every stone has a flow of colour, and these are the things that determine how Alexander begins his work.

“I play with what nature has given me in terms of beauty and elegance, then combine with my feelings for the stone to finish the masterpiece.”

Alexander Kreis

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Alexander’s most famous masterpieces to date, “The Chanting of the Stars”, inspired by the acoustic waves of a comet shower. Representing a year of work and a feat of innovation in cutting technique, the smoky quartz represents the planet, the rutilated quartz a comet that comes into its orbit. The rutilated quartz pendant can be removed and worn as a piece of jewellery, while a delicate band of diamonds unites the two.

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Contemporary Advances by Alexander Kreis

There is no doubt that Alexander is one of the talents of his generation. Alexander creates small gems for jewellery with the same precision, time and effort as his signature pieces. Alexander plays with what nature has given him in terms of beauty and elegance and combines it with his feelings for the stone to finish the masterpiece.

The result is that Alexander now has a following, world over, for those that want to take ownership of these uniquely crafted precious gems. Once completed, Alexander’s beautifully cut stones are then passed to his mother Sonja and his sister Vanessa, who begin their own unique creative process transforming radiant stones into exquisite jewellery.