The Importance of Art

Inviting art into your life

The importance of art is underlined by the awareness of the present. A sentiment shared by Alexander Kreis: “It is easy to be carried away by the usual day to day business. Before we realize it, the day has passed. Art is a reminder to be aware of the here and now. It reminds me to take time for myself and is a source of relaxation and joy at the same time”. Comparing it to a personal place of comfort, in which he can continue his creative train of thought in a moment of serenity. “In this environment, I can take a step back to see the bigger picture and let my imagination wander,” he says.

A similar note is struck by the designers Sonja Kreis and Vanessa Kreis. They, too, agree that art is an enjoyment of the present. “To constantly think about the future is in our nature. To imagine how a piece of jewelry might look. What a piece of art it might become. Taking time out of the daily schedule to simply enjoy our pieces allows us to enjoy the future we had been envisioning. You have to be able to enjoy the present, otherwise, happiness consists in promises and not in realizations,” says Sonja Kreis.


Charming Influences

Mentioning the joy of a piece of art, a piece of jewelry, can provide, alludes to its captivating characteristics. But why is a piece of art captivating? “It is the unknown that is shining through in a visually articulated form. I will never forget my first visit to the Duomo Milan. It is shaped to slightly resemble the Christian cross. Thus, the structure itself is of meaning. Walking into the Duomo, one will experience a proper balance between light and shadow. The big, arched and colorful windows, fill the interior with a variety of colors. It inspires feelings of awe and warmth,” explains Alexander Kreis.

Art as a dialogue

“It is a dialogue to express what can not be put into words in the same way,” says Vanessa Kreis. A piece of art, might it be a song, a piece of jewelry, a sculpture, or a painting could have been created with a purpose in mind. The reasons can be manifold and range from recreation, entertainment, critique, respect, or to tell a story, to name but a few. Therefore it represents a form of individual expression, not just by the artist but also by the collector, since every piece reveals more about a person’s inner engagement with the world he encounters.


Art seeping into our life

“Through the eyes of an artist, we can actually aspire to a reality that doesn’t exist today. We can picture that, and this will allow us to move forward” Oussama Rifahi

Art can change the outlook on life. It might leave an impression that opens the mind in a way that will deepen our understanding. It might inspire aspirations and desires we did not know we hold dear or did not give as much appreciation as should have been.
“My understanding of the purpose of art is to start a dialogue. Diving into the origin of an extraordinary gemstone, and expressing its journey and individuality. It holds dear the appreciation for life itself. And if we are lucky, we might discover something about ourselves, that we didn’t know before. A piece of art can be a window to our very own,” concludes Alexander Kreis.


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