German Jewelry Awards- Honorable Mention

At the 47th German Award for Jewellery and Precious Stones, the designer Sonja Kreis was awarded an honorable mention at the main competition. The jury came to the conclusion that this piece is not just a showing of “perfect craftsmanship”, but truly is an objet d’art. Jury member Karina Ratzlaff mentioned especially the soft forms and elegance of the ring. Jury member Myles Mindham liked the “exquisite and imperial combination of the materials” used.

“We are very happy about the remarks of the jury. Especially that they also mentioned the comfort of wearing it, as well as recognizing it as a piece of art. We truly strive to create jewelry as a contemporary piece of art,” explains Sonja Kreis. Asked about the gemstone, she continued to say, that “the gemstone we used for this piece was an Oregon Sunstone. It is an extraordinarily rare gem.”

The theme of the competition was “It’s a kind of Magic.”

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